Eccentric Actor in Bratislava attention to the sexual abuse of children

After Bratislava runs in a blue sweatshirt and a Scottish kilt! Perhaps you spoke. British actor Matthew McVarish walking across Europe to draw attention to child sexual abuse.
Eccentric Actor in Bratislava attention to the sexual abuse of children
British actor Matthew McVarish wants Europe to draw attention to child sexual abuse.
Photo: Peter Šimončík
British actor Matthew McVarish, who was himself a victim of sexual abuse is trying to talk about it and affect the way we look at the victims of sexual abuse. He can sense when someone in the neighborhood who had a similar experience.

The road is now in its eighth month and a day goes by forty kilometers with minimal backgrounds in a residential delivery. Traveled Benelux, Scandinavia, Baltic States, Poland and the neighboring Czech Republic, and Austria.

United Kingdom has recently lifted the limitation for all crimes with sexual overtones. Victims of crime is often announcing to the passage of decades and the culprit can go unpunished.

Finally, the stepdaughter of Woody Allen dvadsaťsedemročná Dylan Farrow accused him of sexual assault to twenty years after it had to be in the attic of their house. For us it is time premlčiaca such crimes twenty years.

According to statistics, having Matthew McVarish, ambassador of the organization Stop the Silence (Stop the Silence) and its campaigns Journey for Change, sexual abuse of children may leave irreparable damage.

“Up to sixty-six percent of people who sit in prison for murder, were victims of sexual abuse.’m Not saying that out of everyone you abused as a child must be the murderer, but the statistics speak clearly. Too ninety percent of prostitutes were sexually abused in childhood. Abuse of child compromises and it will change everything in his life. They lose self-esteem, ability to trust themselves and others, not to mention the joy of sex, “says British actor.

McVarish wants to change the way we deal with sexual violence and, therefore, does not hesitate to talk about what happened in his childhood to him.


translated from Slovak.

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