Škripek wants to abolish the statute of limitations

Škripek wants to abolish the statute of limitations for sexual offenses against children

Skřípek to the repeal of the limitation period has spurred a Scottish activist Matthew McVarish
Time limitation for sexual offenses committed against children is now Slovakia decade. According to opposition MPs for Olan it is not good, since many victims of these works speak to 20 or maybe 30 years. MEPs therefore want to remove the limitation of the law.

“I’ll pass an amendment to the law to limitation of sexual offenses against children was not possible, or make it to the extent that we can detect offenders,” announced today at a press conference in the National Council (NR) SR deputy Olano Branislav Škripek. The exact way in which he wants to modify the law, will still be in his words to discuss with lawyers.
Such step Skřípek led the Scottish activist Matthew McVarish, a European ambassador of the organization Stop the silence, let us stop child sexual abuse. He himself was a victim of childhood sexual abuse, because walking foot has 16,000 km and wants to visit every capital of Europe to draw attention to this problem. Came to Bratislava and was a guest at the press conference of parliamentarians Olano.
“I want to arouse public interest in order to encourage prevention against sexual exploitation of children,” said McVarish. In various European countries, according to him there is a different time limitation these facts and therefore wants to eradicate all European countries.

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Škripek chce zrušiť premlčanie pri sexuálnych deliktoch páchaných na deťoch

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