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From London to Edinburgh for a total 16,000 km will go Matthew
McVary for less than two years. It is part of the “Road to the change. Stop the silence. ” His cause is related to the fight against sexual violence against children. He is one of the few who speak out that a child was abused by a relative.

More about its history and the cause behind which stands – to remove the limitation of making this offense, as in Britain, tells reporter Gabriela Gavrilova in “The Day Begins”. Bulgaria is the 19th country that he visited.

He has already walked their way to change, and by about a year the cause is related to the “Stop the Silence” to prevent sexual abuse of children. Walk Matthew McVary covers the member states of the EU and 4 countries on the continent a total 16,000 km in an attempt to achieve the stated objectives.

“I started from London on May 31, 2013, the first city that was walking Paris. Will actually go walking to all the capitals of the EU. The idea is to help increase awareness of the issue and try to prevent child abuse, “he said.

Matthew McVary not afraid to speak openly about what they experienced – when was 13 years old was the victim of sexual abuse by his uncle, then a teacher at school.

Report on what happened when 25-year or 12 years after the experience.

“For a long time silent, but now as an adult I realized that my uncle continues to work with children. Therefore, it was important, even though I was uncomfortable to talk about it, to tell the police what he had done to no longer be near children, “said Matthew. “At the moment my uncle was in prison. If this had happened in Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania would not allow him to go to prison because of the crimes is barred. In many countries until the victims and be mentally prepared to talk about it too late to press charges. In the UK there is no statute of limitations for such crimes in Germany last year increased prescription of 30 years in Slovakia, when I spoke with representatives of their Parliament for three days they were able to take the initiative and make a legal proposal to remove the limitation “said McVary.

“In the EU, one in four girls and one out of six boys are victims of sexual abuse. Therefore, it is important to talk about it. My message is that every child in the European community should have the same rights and have access to the same services, but this is not always possible, “he added.

In accordance with European legislation on sexual violence against children were introduced to increase penalties for perpetrators. Offender Matthew served over six years’ imprisonment. After this period it will be entered in the register of convicted child abuse.

“I am delighted that he will never be able to coerce children,” said Matthew McVary.

In our signals can be fed to the national helpline for children at risk 116,111 and the specialized site for children at risk

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