The Scottish actor McVarish

“My uncle abused me from about a third and up to 13 years of age. Before he abused me and my three brothers. When I was 25 years old, all my brothers suffered from depression. “”My uncle abused me from about a third and up to 13 years of age. Before he abused me and my three brothers. When I was 25 years old, all my brothers suffered from depression.”Pin It Mac’s is the developer path to change, to make the people of Europe to raise awareness about the problem of sexual abuse of children. The project started on 31 May in London last year, 16 thousand kilometer journey will visit 28 countries of the European Union. The road is expected to decided in February next year in Edinburgh. As he told the Planet, “every day of transition around 50 kilometers, my friend Stigo they drive a motorhome. This is never moved when I was there, all the way to a genuine transition”. On Saturday his mission to raise awareness and call-to action the sexual abuse of children, the establishment of cooperation between organizations and communities, supporting victims and influencing social and political change in this area continues in neighbouring Croatia. On the way, he can join all those who think that things should be in the treatment of child sexual abuse changed. His main message is that we all need to help to end the silence about child sexual abuse and to their disclosure. As he told the Planet, is on its way also met with victims of sexual abuse, but mainly in the Nordic countries and in Western Europe. “Unfortunately, I did not find any networks or support groups in eastern and southern Europe. Even in Slovenia not yet, although I met with a lady who leads a support group for adults who have survived sexual abuse in childhood, “he explained to our media.

McVarish the European Forest Gump

“Forest Gump ran America and the media ran up to him and asked him why he does it. He said that he just felt like running. Sam is trying to raise awareness of people walking on a subject about which nobody wants to talk about. The EU lives of 500 million people, I do not have the funds to campaign in all 28 states. Therefore, I am going to come and so the media itself to me and, like the forest, ask why I do it. So you can do a lot for almost no money, “responds the question of why he chose such an awareness of people.

Scot’s uncle abused as a child

“Even me are abused in childhood,” outspoken tells McVarish . With the help of Moira Anderson Foundation Fonudation together with the brothers filed a criminal complaint against his uncle. “My uncle abused me from about a third and up to 13 years of age. Before he abused me and my three brothers. When I was 25 years old, are All my brothers suffered from depression. My uncle was still a teacher at the school and still has coached boys’ soccer. About how dangerous it is, he did not know anyone except me and my brothers, but on this we never talked. Then I therefore wrote a play To Kill a Kelpie and his brothers invited on the show. Together we then decided that Uncle notifications, since it poses a significant threat to other children. He was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment, still being served, “his Calvary described McVarish. Friday will be at the City Museum at 16 pm broadcast film, which was created by the above-mentioned book. The story, as explained spokeswoman at the British Embassy Dunja Cvek , talks about twin brothers who are the victims of sexual abuse in childhood, and psychological devastation and the scars left by this cruel act.

42 percent of the killers were sexually abused in childhood

And what kind of trauma can be experienced man who was sexually abused as a child? “Signs of sexual abuse in childhood, when the survivors show a variety of ways. They can be very mild or very extreme, depending on several factors. Of these, the surviving surrounded by a sympathetic and loving family, the financial condition of the family, also of services that are available to survivors in individual communities or countries. The consequences of trauma may show up as anxiety disorders and depression, but also as alcoholism and homelessness, “he told the Planet McVarish. Significantly, as he said, the fact that it was 42 per cent of prisoners who have been convicted of murder, sexually abused in childhood.

Children are never sufficiently protected

According to him, it is abused every fifth child on the planet, in every fourth girl and every sixth boy before the age of 18. “Children have never been sufficiently protected, and although I am aware that abuse in the future, it is necessary to firmly say no silence about sexual abuse. If we do not talk about it, tolerate abuse,” says the Scottish actor, adding that the abuse at all possible ways reflected in adult life abused person. He also points out that in Europe quite a prostitution of minors and that the sexual abuse problem of all countries. Slovenia is no exception That behind closed doors with the children a lot going on, seeing the police statistics. This is anything but rosy. Police officers in six months of this year dealt with a total of 189 offenses against sexual integrity. Of these, 70 cases of sexual assault on a person under 15 years of age. In the same period last year, the police dealt with 164 cases of sexual assault against minors 78 cases. Throughout 2013, the police dealt with 378 cases of sexual abuse, of which 168 cases of abuse of persons under the age of 15 years. The police officers this year in the first six months wrote 113 criminal charges for crimes against sexual inviolability, of which 71 complaints of sexual assault to minors. In the same period last year ovadili 98 persons.

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