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  1. Hi Matthew – thanks for giving us such a great interview on your important work today ! Here’s a link : . We were honoured and delighted that you came to visit the Council of Europe. Best of luck with the walk. May the road rise up to meet you! Jeremy

  2. Dear Matthew,
    I work at the Council of Europe and saw your interview this morning on our intranet. I have been sexually abused by different people in my childhood. Nothing agressiv, no penetration, but it was with manipulation and I was too young to understand (8-10). The suffer came more from the fact that my parents, did not protect me. They did not do anything. I continued to meet these people in the roads and could do nothing. My family finally put me away in a boarding school, because I had become agressiv with them. I had not the courage to kill me directly so I took drugs, then went to prison. After the prison, I decided that I had understood how life can be hard and that I have to live in this jungle and try to bring my spirit, my help, some light in it. Now I am proud to help other people through my work but my private life is still complicated. The absence of protection when I was a child has seriously disrupted my capacity, even now that I am 52, to distinguish who is good and who could be dangerous for me. Nevertheless, I have the chance to live in France and to have access to all sorts of help. Thank you for what you are doing. I am with you in spirit.

  3. Can’t wait to see you in February! Hope your last Xmas on the road was fab. You are a total hero and a beautiful star. Xxx

  4. Hi Matthew,

    My name is Hannah and I have just spoken to you onboard the Stena Adventurer, on your journey from Holyhead to Dublin. When you handed me your card I had a good read and a look at your website and I have to say I am so humbled to have met you. What you are doing to raise awareness of sexual abuse against children is tremendous, far too many people would rather turn a blind eye to what goes on around them rather than stand up and make a stand. The world needs more people like you so that one day no child will have to live in fear of abuse.

    Thank you Matthew for what you are doing!

  5. Hi cuz,

    Cant wait to see you! Remember Ronan and Declan live in Belfast if you need a kip! They are on Fb,

    Theresa xxxxxx

  6. You are amazing and have made a huge difference. You are worth every accolade you get. You deserve all happiness and peace!! I heard the podcast today with Paul Gilmartin and please please hear what he said, you are amazing!!!!!

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